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Ravi Lupescu Tour dates :: 2020

Afro House 50%
Minimal / Deep Tech 70%
Tech House 90%


House music belongs to the category of Electronic Dance Music.
It’s a wide term and contains a lot of other side roads.
I mainly play these three following genres depending on the environment.


DJ / Producer :: Tracks & Mixtapes

Welcome to my world of House Music.

All the way to beyond the impossible. It’s a language that’s being understood by all. It gives you a desire to feel the love for the beat.
Jack your body is all that you need.

Ravi Lupescu

live stream

Live Streaming

Join the vibes I often throw into the air. Free for you to listen and enjoy!
Through my live streaming I perform regularly, you are now able to get the vibes
wherever you are.


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And House Music was born

The key to share positive vibes.
No matter where you are, it always lives inside our soul.
Nowadays, it is still being listened and created throughout the world.
As we all visit any Electronic Dance Event, it is always the main subject.
It brings you to a world of connection with peace, love and happiness.
It brings you to a state of mind that us all closer together.
And everybody knows it.

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